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    We all know that the bronze statue of Guan Yu is the abbreviation of Guan Yu's full-body statue. More and more people regard Guan Gong as the almighty god of protection, industry and wealth. Guan Gong is regarded as the god of martial arts, the god of wealth and the god of protecting merchants. Also known as "Guan Shengdi" and "Guan Di". Now let's understand the meaning of the bronze statue of Guan Gong.


    1. The standing statue of Guan Gong, with the knife dust facing up, is a straight knife. It is used to put it in the spacious nave, and its function is to town houses. That is, there is nothing wrong with this house, just for peace.


    2. The standing statue of Guan Gong, with a knife facing down, is also called a cleaver. It is used to put it in some places indoors. Its function is to expel evil spirits. That is to say, there are often disturbing factors in this house, and the image of Guan Gong is placed to drive away evil spirits.


    3. Placement of tribute. The tribute is double, the tribute incense is the special god of wealth incense, and the wine cup is also placed.


    4. Place it in the center of the third part of the lobby, and choose Guan Gong, the god of wealth and the sword.


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