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    雕塑我們經常會看到,可以稱他為整個景觀環境的點綴,它們總是以各式各樣的出現在我們的面前,那么問題來了這些我們經??吹降?a href="http://www.oimstar.com/" target="_blank">雕塑作品都是采用的什么銅材料呢?下面中正銅雕廠家帶大家了解一下各種銅材料。

    We often see sculptures, which can be called embellishments of the whole landscape environment. They always appear in front of us in a variety of ways. So the question is what copper materials are used in these sculpture works we often see? Next, Zhongzheng Copper Carving Factory will show you about various copper materials.


    1. Bronze refers to copper-based alloys other than copper-nickel and copper-zinc alloys. The main varieties include tin bronze, aluminum bronze and special bronze (also known as high copper alloy).


    2. Red copper: Red copper is characterized by good conductivity and plasticity, but poor strength and hardness. Red copper contains few other components, and can generally be identified as pure copper.


    3. Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc, which can be subdivided into simple brass and complex brass. The complex brass is also named nickel brass and silicon brass with the third component, so brass is not pure copper.


    4. White copper refers to copper-nickel alloy, which is a copper-based alloy with nickel as the main added element. It is silvery white and has metallic luster, so it is named white copper.


    When selecting copper materials, we should look at its color. Generally, the cast copper figure sculpture handicrafts are made of red copper, red copper and brass. However, inferior copper, which contains impurities, can be broken into two sections with a hand bend, and black impurities can be seen inside. Such materials cannot be used.


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